Art is a Spirit Gateway. You can travel through it and it can travel through you.

Art connects you with the spirit of things.  It captures that energy on a page.

In ancient China, Taoist Shaman would put spirit healing energy into drawings they did for their patients. Their calligraphy held different types of healing energy. It was a healing prescription that you never took to the chemist.  The prescription itself was the medicine.  A talisman of protection, release or transformation depending on what you needed.  This was how I first knew my Chi Master, Master Yang. He made one of these amazing drawings for me to wear on my body and another to place on my wall.  I could feel the smooth, warm, healing chi radiating out of the paper - sometimes smelling of herbs and flowers, bringing about balance, harmony and happiness inside my body and outside in my chi field.

I love doing projects that explore how this happens.  How energy enters into the things we make and lets us know we are part of something much larger, something much more mysterious & magical.