Courses & Consultation



Easy Mindfulness through Mudras

Mudras are little hand positions that settle the mind, harmonise energy and connect you with your inner-body knowing.  They are so handy! You can do them as a formal practice or you can do them on the run.  In this Udemy E-course, experience how mudras work and how you can apply them creatively to your everyday life. $49.99 View this course on Udemy  


Cup-of-Tea Intuitive Self Healing

Simple practices are the best. In this short Udemy E-course learn a simple practice that turns your 'tea-time' into a sanctuary of self-healing.  Transform this everyday activity of enjoying a hot drink into a doorway to your higher-self.  Each time you practice you'll find it easier to access your inner gifts of insight and energy balance. $29.99 View this course on Udemy


Chi Flow Consultations

Personal Chi Flow Consultations are available by Skype. Contact Margot for further details.