I always knew there was something more to life than meets the eye. 


 At an early age I felt it through the Chinese Taoist writings about the way human beings connect with nature.  I felt it in the Buddhist teachings about how the mind works; the Tibetan Bön ways of communicating with the elements; and the Chinese tradition of working with the energy points of the body and the energy points outside the body and under the ground …but I didn’t belong to any of these traditions and I couldn’t find “my way”.  In the small country town where I grew up in Australia, there was little support for my interests so at 17,  I ran away to the big city - to Art School in Sydney.  

My art school was the old convict jail in East Sydney. It was a great place to discover inner freedom!

My art school was the old convict jail in East Sydney. It was a great place to discover inner freedom!

At Art School I experienced the freedom to think and explore through images.  I discovered the power of symbols, the importance of space and how energy flows through creativity to reveal the spirit of things in surprising ways.  I glimpsed an open, expanded, lighter state of being and I wanted to be there more.  It was the perfect antidote to the ‘weight’ of the world I often felt around me. 

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was a classic empath.  In an artistic way, I was able to feel deeply and 'be' the energy of people and environments.  However, this also meant I often felt overwhelmed by negative energy.  I would wear it in my body for days and not know why I felt so bad.  I preferred time alone and quiet pursuits, connecting with things that helped me ‘get back to myself.’

It wasn’t until I met my Chi Master, Master Yang, many years later
that I understood what was really going on.

My Chi Master helped me discover a hidden world.  Through him I experienced being connected to the Chi of everything and I started practicing communicating with Chi.  I learnt how to read energy, how to clear energy and through his help, how to connect with high level energy nourishment.  I gained a new relationship with my inner-body knowing, my higher-self and the spontaneous joy, openness and bliss that manifests through practicing.

I traveled with my Chi Master to hundreds of sacred locations in China - caves and mountains, temples and forests, places where heaven is closer to earth, where many great masters have practiced before and I experienced firsthand how Chi moves in the landscape, how it develops, how it can be cultivated and stored like treasure. 


My Chi Master is unique in that he doesn’t teach through a lot of talking.  He doesn’t teach techniques.  He works through the direct transmission of high quality Chi.  Knowing that this fully supports you at your source, he lets his students find their own ways, their own expression of the Chi connection that is forged in his presence. 

So these are my ways, my favourite practices for becoming aware, for navigating a noisy world, for communicating with the spirit of things and freeing your soul into a place of expanding joy.  I would love to share the art of chi with you, to inspire your own creative practice.