Margot Duncan

Hi, I'm Margot

I design energy projects & practices that help people connect with the Spirit of Things.  I have 20 years experience practicing with a wonderful Direct Transmission Chi Master, Chi Master Yang. I have a PhD in Learning Design and a passion for finding simple, creative ways to connect with the flow of joy. 

I work with creatives, empaths, healers & gentle folk who feel disconnected by the noise of everyday life.   I help them find new ways to connect with the Spirit of Things so they can re-energize & tap into their gifts.   You can do projects with me that focus on Energy, Art & Intuition and you can work with me in person by private reading & practice or in a small group workshop.

I love Margot’s projects. They’re fun, fast moving and informative. She is a spirit whisperer. Her beautiful energy has totally inspired and renewed my practice!
— Trisha


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