Margot Duncan

Hi, I'm Margot

I design projects & practices that focus on energy, art & intuition.  I help people connect with the Spirit of Things.   I have 20 years experience practicing with a wonderful Energy Master, Chi Master Yang and a PhD in Learning & Design.  My passion is for finding simple, creative ways to connect with the flow of  energy & joy. 

I work with artists, art journallers, writers, empaths, healers & intuitives who want to explore their gifts.   I help them find new, creative ways to connect with the spirit of things so they can re-energize their life path.   When you're 'a bit sensitive', it's easy to get disconnected by the noise of everyday life.  It's important to have projects and practices that help you reconnect to who you are and help you stay on track.  You can do courses & projects with me that focus on Energy, Art & Intuition and you can work with me in person by private reading & practice or in group workshops.

I love Margot’s projects. They’re fun, fast moving and informative. She is a spirit whisperer. Her beautiful energy has totally inspired and renewed my work!
— Trisha


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