Margot Duncan

Hi, I'm Margot

I love to work with energy, art and intuition.  It helps me feel connected to the spirit of things.  My passion is for finding simple, creative ways to connect with the flow of energy & joy.   I think of it as the art of chi.   I create and write on this topic and share my work with other artists, art journallers, writers, healers, coaches, empaths and intuitives who love being in a creative energy flow. 

I have a background in art and teaching, but while I was doing those things, my main focus for more than 20 years has been practicing energy meditation under the guidance of a renowned Chinese Master, Chi Master Yang.  He taught me so much about flow and creativity.  Through his work I tasted energy that is pure, flowing, whole, smooth, refined, sweet,  clear, fresh, fragrant, open, balanced, peaceful, dynamic and unlimited.   

It made me so interested in how you bring these energy qualities to what you do, how you can leave an energy signature on what you touch in a way that makes a positive difference in the world. 

I also have a PhD in Learning & Design.  This means that on my site you will find many interesting practices, projects and courses.  They have been especially designed to help you develop your intuitive connection, inspire creative breakthroughs and open up your creative flow.   I hope you enjoy looking around.  Please sign up to my mailing list so we can stay in touch.

I love Margot’s projects. They’re fun, fast moving and informative. She is a spirit whisperer. Her beautiful energy has totally inspired and renewed my work!
— Trisha


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