Make Your Own Mudras

Mudras are little hand positions that settle the mind, harmonise and recharge your energy.  They are so handy! You can do them in a formal practice and you can do them on the run.  In this project, experience how mudras work in your own body and learn how to apply them intuitively in your own life.


Meet Your Local Spirit

Connecting with nature is the easiest way to clean and nourish your energy but how well do you know your local energy – your local spirit?  In this project, develop your relationship with the natural elements of your location and find your unique energy recharging points.



Start an Energy Art Journal

Art journalling is a great way to relax out or your ‘ordinary’ mind and get visionary.  In this project, explore energy using collage, mixed media, haiku and free text to tap into your energy intuition.


Discover an Oracle at Your Feet

Who doesn’t love a good oracle card reading?  Did you know that everything around you is an oracle?  In this fun project, make your own set of unique oracle cards and discover something really revealing about your world.




Ask a Secret Question

When you’re looking for answers, it’s amazing how your ‘ordinary’ mind can get in the way.  You need to tap into your super consciousness, the great part of you that can see things differently.  Learn how in this surprising project.


Meet your Spirit Animal

Spirit Animals help you communicate with the subtle realms by giving universal energy a ‘face’.   Exploring their presence is a great way to tune up your energy intuition.  Get to know your Spirit Guides and learn how to develop a relationship with them in this fun project.