Highs & Lows


Everything is energy and energy moves in cycles. 
The moon, the seasons and emotional energy.

Sometimes it runs high and sometimes it runs low.

I used to run away from my low moments but then I found everything works better when you respect them as a precious part of your spirit.  Respecting your lows gives you the space you need to breathe.  Healing will start with very little effort if you just be with what is.  If you try to run away from low moments, deny them, cover them up or get angry with yourself about them, the negative energy doesn't get the air it needs to release and heal properly.  It becomes more entangled and harder to release.

"From feeling low it's best just to
come back into neutral.  
Don't try to be positive."

When you feel low, I hate it when people tell you to 'be positive' and 'think positive'.  Often that's too big a leap.  From feeling low, it's far better just to come back into neutral.  I thought about driving a car.  You don't make radical gear changes without going through neutral.  It's the same with emotions.  If you try going straight from negative to positive you just create excessive strain and strip your gears.  Energy practices help you come back to centre - find Neutral so you can enjoy smoother transitions.

When you respect your highs and lows, you realize there's not only two ways of being - HIGH and LOW.  Really there are three – HIGH, LOW and NEUTRAL or CENTRED.  

Neutral is a really wonderful place.  It's true, centred and sane.  You can go everywhere from there.  You can see everything from there.  It’s actually the place where real inner happiness arises.  Not the happiness that comes from external circumstances but the happiness that arises naturally from inside.  You know, that quiet confident happiness that is just you being you.  

So, next time your energy is feeling low, treat yourself with respect.  
Don't force yourself to be positive.  See the beauty in where you are and
you will come back to centre in your own time.  

Margot Duncan