Intuition is ‘inner’ tuition - teachings that come from inside yourself.  It’s your inner knowing of the Spirit of Things.

Sometimes my intuition appears as a vision, a dream or something real like an object that suddenly catches my eye, or a book that pops out of a shelf.  It can be an unusual encounter, an overheard conversation or words of a song that, in that moment, seem like they are just for me.  Sometime it comes as a voice I hear inside my head or appears as words & images that I write or draw on a page or feelings in my body, spontaneous movements, energy flows; even fragrances and tastes can appear as a message.  Intuitive moments help me know I am connected to the spirit of things.  I am always surprised by the gentle wisdom, good humor and simple guidance that comes through.  

Intuition is not a gift, but it's a language that not everyone speaks.

Quietness & introversion are your strengths when it comes to discovering these hidden messages.  When you start to listen in that quiet way you can hear the whole universe.  You feel connected to something bigger and part of a larger flow of beautiful energy.  


    Meet Your Spirit Animal

    Spirit Animals help you communicate with the subtle realms by giving universal energy a ‘face’.   Exploring their presence is a great way to tune up your energy intuition.  Get to know your Spirit Guides and learn how to develop a relationship with them in this fun project. 


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