Intuition is not a gift, it’s a language you know the language of your intuition?

Intuitive moments help me know I am connected to the spirit of things.   I am always surprised by the gentle wisdom, good humor and simple guidance that comes through.   There are many ways these messages appear.  They might come as a vision, a dream or as something real that suddenly catches my eye and glows with a secret meaning.  They may come as a voice I hear inside my head or they  might be words & images I write or draw on a page.  They can often be feelings in my body, spontaneous movements, energy flows, or even fragrances and tastes.  

Intuition is 'inner' tuition - teachings that come from inside.  
It's your inner knowing of the Spirit of Things.



Intuition requires flexibility, quietness & introversion.  When you listen in that way you can hear the whole universe.  You feel connected to something bigger and part of a larger flow of beautiful energy.  Chi practice is one of the best ways to develop that flow.    

Your body is a channel between heaven and earth and you can get to know it in a very practical way.  Your intuition can gain both height and depth, both high-level insight and practical application.   

Margot's work was recently featured in Brush Magazine, Issue 3 2018.

Margot's work was recently featured in Brush Magazine, Issue 3 2018.

Chi practice is amazing but it's not always easy.  Every day life is so noisy and it can take a while to tune in.  One of the ways that has helped me practice has been working with spirit animals.   

Spirit animals make it easier to communicate with the subtle realms by giving universal energy a ‘face’.   They help you tap into your innocence and playfulness which creates the perfect environment for receiving insights and messages. 

Exploring their presence is a great way to learn your spirit language, discover your intuition and develop your channel.  


What's your Spirit Animal trying to tell you?  Join me for a course in getting to know your spirit animal, working with chi and creativity to discover your spirit language and develop your intuition.