Stepping Out ~ Energy & Nature

Stepping Out ~ Energy & Nature


Coming in September 2018:

There is magic hiding close to your house.  The natural environment holds a connection to deep energy sources that can help transform your being and nourish your spirit.  In this course, explore what it means to step out into nature in a new way.  Discover your local spirit and learn how to clear, balance, invigorate and inspire your energy systems.

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“Do you live in your head too much? 
The universe is waiting for your touch.”

- The Owl Goddess

Join the Spirit of Things at home in the Universe

Feeling at one with your environment, at home in the universe, is a sign that your energy is open and flowing well.   It's too easy to get out of step with the healing power of the place where you live.  Stuck in daily routines, you can miss out on the support of the natural elements at your doorstep.  In this course, come with me on a journey to:

  • explore your local spirit and discover the feature elements and lucky places in your surrounding area;

  • understand your missing elements and create a 5 element action plan;

  • work with the energy of distant locations across the planet;

  • meet your own spirit tree; and

  • apply intuitive journalling techniques to deepen your experience.

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I live not far from the beach.  It's a great open expanse in the middle of a crowded and busy city.  Combining my energy & nature practices with my morning walk is a sacred daily activity.

What natural places are near where you live?


In the ancient chi traditions, your connection to nature and the underground chi is essential to self-confidence, stability and growth.  It helps you move out of your head and into the present moment.

When you are more present, you are more omnipresent.

This course will commence in September, 2018.  Use the sign up form at the top of this page if you'd like to be notified when enrolments are open.