Mindfulness & Mudras

Mindfulness & Mudras


Coming in April 2018:
Advanced Practice Update.

A great way to connect with the spirit of things is through mudra practice.  Mudras are hand positions that help to quieten the mind and redirect your energy flow.  Each mudra has a different purpose for you to explore.  They work so well because they move your awareness away from your busy mind and into your body.  

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...and the very best thing about mudras is that you can do them anywhere, anytime so that means it’s a practice you can do on the run.


Join the Spirit of Things


You might be familiar with mudra hand positions from Yoga classes.  In this course we take a more energy-based, creative approach to mudra practice.  You will learn how to tap into your inner energy, intuition and body knowing so that you can:

  • find the personal mudras that are just right for you;

  • apply mudras to enlighten the energy of everyday situations;

  • harmonise the energy of your home with mudra practice;

  • perform mudras to energise your passions and align your dreams; and 

  • recharge the health and function of different organs and body systems through inner mudra practice.



Here I am practicing the Middle Finger Mudra or Shuni Mudra while enjoying my morning coffee.  It's part of my 6:30am ritual to tune into the 'spirit of things' and sort out what I'm going to do each day.  The Shuni Mudra promotes balance and stability so it's a great way to align my energy before I get focused.  It helps me to be practical and realistic with my goals while still being 'in the flow' with the higher forces that are running through the day.

You can do this mudra now.  Just hold the middle fingertip to your thumb and tune in to the subtle changes in your body's energy.


In more formal mudra practices you can enter deeply into the different energies of each hand position. 

As you hold each mudra, your energy field undergoes a subtle shift. 

These shifts help release energy blockages in your chi field as well as your external environment.  You can then finish your practice by nourishing the seeds of positive energy within you and energising the supportive situations that are opening in your life.

This course will commence in April, 2018.  Use the sign up form at the top of this page if you'd like to be notified when enrolments are open.

 The Relationship Mudra

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