"How to Talk to your Spirit Animal"

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Not many people know how to speak to their spirit animal, even though they treasure the idea of having one.   This is quite frustrating if you're a spirit animal.   

The Owl Goddess is one of my main spirit messengers.  I wrote this course with her to help you discover how wonderful a spirit animal friend can be for getting in touch with your intuition and higher insight. 

"After I started talking with the Owl Goddess I realised that she gave a face to the invisible guidance around me.  Seeing her there made it so much easier (and fun!) to communicate."   

In this beautifully written and designed e-course you will discover:

  • How to Enter a Reverie
  • How to use Chi Practice to Support Spirit Communication
  • How to enjoy your First Encounters
  • Where to look for Animal Sightings
  • The Rules of Relationship Etiquette
  • How to enjoy Big Visits, Small Visits & Other Activities
  • How to Ask Questions
  • How to Get Clear
  • Useful Trouble Shooting Ideas
  • How to use Intuitive art Journaling and Intuitive writing to capture and deepen your experiences.

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