The Crown Point

Looking into your crown point – the point right on top of your crown - is a great thing to do.  Sometimes the energy goes up high, sometimes it goes wide.  Simply looking at it activates it.  Visit my short Podcast to learn 3 easy, fun ways to get your crown point flowing.


Did you know that in Chinese this acupuncture location is called the ‘hundred meeting’ point.  This is because we can take in so much information from this point if it is open and flowing.   Looking into the crown point connects you with heaven.  Inspired, breakthrough ideas just drop in to your head from out of the blue – literally.  Think light bulb on top of your head. Instinctively we know its important to look up through this point for inspiration.

Maybe that’s why, throughout history, important people always have a light around their crown. Like the nimbus of light you see around holy people, or the physical crowns of sparkling gold and jewels that kings and queens have worn through the ages; or the impressive head dresses worn by tribal leaders on every continent.  It’s all about celebrating and activating the Crown dimension.


A bit of practice goes a long way towards bringing light back into your life. In this podcast we’ll do an activity to help you locate the crown point exactly, get it breathing freely and work with intuitive techniques to get crown point nourishment and inner body balance. Come join me!

What does your 'YES' feel like?

It’s true that your body knows more than you know and often well before you know it! 
So how about creating some simple ways to start communicating with your body’s amazing intelligence.
In this Podcast, discover one of the most simple and effective practices you can do
anywhere, anytime to tap into your Whole Body Intelligence.


Once you learn this practice, you can get your magnificent inner-body knowing to help you out in so many creative ways by giving valuable input on all kinds of life choices and decisions.  Start by having fun with small choices first, such as which groceries to buy at the supermarket; when it’s the best time to call a friend or what to eat to feel healthy and balanced. You’ll discover what your body tells you to go towards and what your body tells you to move away from. After you’ve trusted your inner-body knowing you’ll be surprised by the results. Later on, you can experiment with bigger decisions such as which car to buy; where to go on holidays; who to start dating or which job offer to accept.

My YES is yellow like flowers opening, party celebrations, confetti exploding. I’m jumping up, running towards, buoyant and excited. What does your YES look like?

My YES is yellow like flowers opening, party celebrations, confetti exploding. I’m jumping up, running towards, buoyant and excited. What does your YES look like?

If you like journaling you’ll have fun taking notes about how your experiments turn out – how your inner-body knowing showed up and what happened as a result of your inspired actions. Myself? I love art journaling.   Here’s an Art Journalling Activity for you to try.

Create a spread about what your YES feels like.  First choose colors, words, shapes and images that express what you feel in your body as you say YES!!!.  Then arrange them on your page in a way that captures your whole body feeling.  Stay in touch with your ‘yes’ feeling the whole time you are working on this spread. Add descriptive words to your image that help you capture the ‘YES’ response.  Don’t worry about creating a perfect picture, just have fun! On the left is one of my YES spreads – buoyant and excited were two of my favourite words that came up while I was working.

This art journal activity is really helpful because the more time you spend getting to know the energy of your whole body YES, the better your communication will be.  You’ll soon be tapping into your Whole Body Intuition at the most surprising moments.  Join my email list ‘The Spirit of Things’ for more practices, projects and updates.